Daily news Analysis – Important Articles for The Hindu Newspaper 13.09.2018.

Important Articles for The Hindu 13.09.2018 – Below is the Daily NEWS Analysis for The Hindu Newspaper 15.09.2018.

1. cabinet committee on economic affairs approved PM-AASHA. :

Basically called it as umbrella Policy – Pradhan Mantri Annadatha Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan (PM-AASHA) has received approval from cabinet committee on economic affairs and Center announces 15,053 Crore Rupees. Click here for detailed news.

2. Thanjavur temple in Pune for Ganesh Chaturthi. :

Dagdusheth Ganpati Idol will be kept in replica of Thanjavur iconic Brihadeeswarar Temple in Pune. Click Here

3. Minor earthquake in two district of Kerala. :

Kerala experienced a minor earthquake and about 77 houses damaged.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Kerala Experience mild tremors.
4. Defense food for space. :

‘Indian Human Mission’, which will be launched in 2022. Indians Space Travelers will get a chance to be the Space through this program. ISRO developed a First Indian Human Missions Suit. Click Here for Detail News.

5. India’s health report. :

‘India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative’ Report released and report say’s ischemic heart disease and stroke increased by 50% in 1990 to 2016. Click Here.

6. Economist Vijay Shankar Vyas passes away. :

He was an agricultural economist and worked with former Prime Minister Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh as member of Economic Advisory Councils. Click Here.

7. No response to supreme court orders :

Supreme Court demanded all states and territories to give all the data associated with MLA’s and MP. And around 25 States didn’t respond to Supreme Court. Click Here.

8. All railway tracks to be electrified :

Cabinet Committee on Economics Affairs gave the approval for electrification of remaining railway tracks. And will be complete in 2021-22. Detail News Click Here.

9. L.K. Advani will be the head of LS Ethics Committee again :

Reappointment of L.K. Advani as a chairman of Lok Sabha Ethics Committee. Click Here.

10. Globally suicide percentage of Indian Women are 37% :

Most of the suicide cases are seen in Age Group of 15-39. If globally speaking 37% of Women are committing suicide in India. Click Here.

11. On this border outpost, you will get cheaper fuel :

Border Trade Center is inaugurated in Darranga, which is 90 km from Guwahati.

And diesel and petrol prices in Bhutan is average 54 and 59 Rupees respectively. So, people can fill up petrol and diesel in the Darranga which is basically in Bhutan territory. More..

12. European parliament sets a copyright reform :

European Parliament approved the EU copyright law. More..

13. UN officials get access to Rakhine state :

UN officials gets the access to enter in Rakhine state to investigate the Rohingya issue. More..

14. Inflation decline to 3.69% in August :

Retail inflation declines by 3.69%. This data is released by the Ministry of Statistics and Program implementation. More..

15. Tata Power signs MoU with Afghan power firm :

Memorandum of Understanding between Tata Power and Afghan Power Firm. More..

16. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is planning to invest 40000 crore in new petrochemical plant :

Planning to set up plant in Rasayani which is in Raighar District of Maharashtra. Polypropylene and Polyethylene will be manufactured there. More..

17. Schwing Stetter India to set up second plant in Tamilnadu :

Schwing Setter India is a Mechanical Concrete Construction Company chooses Tamilnadu to set up 350 crore Greenfield plant. More..

18. Standard policies for man animal conflicts :

Standard policies should be mentioned in different man animal conflicts. More..

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