Download Drishti IAS class notes in Hindi for free for UPSC Exam.

Download Drishti IAS class notes : NCERT’s along with standard books refered by topper and current affairs are very important for the UPSC aspirants while preparing for UPSC Exam. But aspirants have to read all this from different-different sources which is kind of hectic work for the aspirant. Many of the aspirants give up because of this. But what if you get all the material in one source? It is kind of relief to the students, right? That is why class notes are important. Here in this article you can download notes by Drishti IAS Class in hindi for free.

Download Drishti IAS Class notes in Hindi for UPSC Exam :

Below are the link to download Drishti IAS class notes.

1. History

2. Geography

3. Polity

4. Economy

5. Science

6. Security

7. Ethics

Important books for UPSC Exam :

You can buy important books from here.


Indian Polity

A Brief History of Modern India 

Certificate Physics And Human Geography; Indian Edition

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