Download Art And Culture books for free by CCRT.

Art and Culture is one of the most important topic in the syllabus which cover carries a large portion of marks in the Paper. Many books are available in the market to cover this portion but to clear your basics you must have to refer Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) books for Arts and Cultures. Also you need some standard books.

So, below are the links to download all important CCRT books for Arts and Cultures. Also along with these notes you may refer Facets of Indian Culture published by Spectrum.

1. Indian Architecture

2. Indian Sculpture

3. Indian Painting

4. Indian Literature

5. Bharatnatyam

6. Kathakali

7. Kathak

8. Manipuri

9. Odissi

10. Kuchipudi

11. Sattriya

12. Mohiniyattam

13. Hindustani Classical Music

14. Carnatic Classical Music

15. Regional Music

16. Musical Instruments

17. Theatre Forms

18. Puppet Forms

So, you can refer these notes along with some standard books. So, These are some of the important notes for Art and Culture. Also along with these notes you can refer book by Spectrum.

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