Download Important Anthropology Books and Anthropology Notes by Vaid Sir.

Download Important Anthropology Books and Notes : Essay and Optional Subjects are very much important for the UPSC Aspirants as you all know the importance of these Subjects. Higher you will score in these subjects Higher will be your ranking in Exam. So it is highly recommended by the Topper of these exam to choose your Optional Subject wisely. So, Anthro is one of those subject which will help you to get a good score in this exam as the syllabus is limited and can be covered in short period of time. Also, This subject is highly interesting. So if you are planning to choose this subject as your Optional then you are at right place. So, Below is the link to download all the important Anthro books and Anthropology notes including Vaid Sir Notes

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Download Anthropology Books and Anthropology Notes by Vaid Sir for UPSC Exam :

You can download Important Books and Study Material.

Download Important Standard Books :

1. History and Theory in Anthropological evolution by Alan Barnard – Buy Hard Copy Click Here

2. Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India – Buy Hard Copy Click Here

3. Tribal Welfare and Development Annual Report 2017-18 – Buy Hard Copy Click Here

Notes For Anthro by Vaid Sir :

Part I – Click Here

Part II – Click Here

Part III – Click Here

Part IV – Click Here

Also, Refer Standard Books (Must have Books) suggested by Topper which are given below.


Physical Anthropology by P. Nath / S.Das

Social Anthropology by Majumder/Madan

History of Anthropological Thoughts by Upadhyay

Indian Anthropological Facts by R. N. Sharma / Nadeem Hasnain

Also, Refer



Government Tribal Reports

EPW (Social Topics Only)

This is all about Anthro Optional Subject. Both Study Material and Notes are covered in this article.

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