Download Kurukshetra Magazine for IAS Exam.

The Person who are preparing for IAS Exam knows the importance of Current Affairs. As you all know 70% of Exam Paper is depends upon NewsPapers. But it is not sufficient to read Newspaper only as while writing the Exam Paper presentation is also important. And you can develop it when you know the Pattern of presentation. So, NewsPapers, Magazines, Editorials plays a very important role in that. So Monthly Magazines are as much important as NewsPapers. Kurukshetra Magazine contains current issues happening all around the Country and all around the World. So this is what makes this Magazine Important for IAS Exam. So, Below is the link to download Kurukshetra Magazine for UPSC Civil Service Exam.

Download Kurukshetra Magazine for IAS Exam :

As you all know Analytical Thinking is very much important while preparing for UPSC Civil Serce Exam. As it will help you to give you a proper structure to your Presantation when you will write your Exam Paper. And along with NewsPaper Kurukshetra Magazine plays a very much important role in that. So, Below is the link to Download the Magazine.

Click Here to Download.

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