Helpful Tips on How to Prepare for UPSC Prelims Exam 2019

As You Guys Know, The UPSC Prelims Exam will be conducted on 2nd June 2019 for recruitment of IAS officers among other posts in the Government of India. Prelims is the first stage of this three stage exam and is used as a screening exam by the UPSC to select candidates for UPSC Mains. Here are a few pointers to help aspiring IAS officers to clear Prelims:

1. Revise and repeat : The key mantra for being successful in the UPSC exam is to revise the subject matter again and again. It is imperative to read UPSC books repeatedly to get a strong hold on the subjects.

2. Start giving timed mock tests : Solving mock tests in a time limited setting would help you to get an idea of the speed at which you are able to solve prelims question papers. Try to maintain accuracy as far as possible.

3. Get familiar with the syllabus : It is assumed that IAS candidates would be familiar with the syllabus by this time. However, reading and remembering the syllabus would help you avoid unnecessarily expending time and energy on superfluous topics.

4. Maintain a regular schedule : Maintaining a strict and regular schedule is a must for aspirants who want to become IAS officers. This saves time, and allows you to focus on preparing for UPSC prelims instead of worrying about what to do next during the day.

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Following these tips and maintaining the tempo of preparation during these final months in the run up to the exam will guarantee aspirants success in the UPSC prelims as well as Mains examination. IAS preparation resources have increased in availability in the recent years. Candidates should learn to pick and choose the best resources available. Current affairs preparation for the UPSC is the most important part of prelims preparation. For this, newspapers and certain TV and internet channels are the best choice.

To know more about UPSC preparation, you can watch the following video :

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