The Hindu Important Articles 11.09.2018 for UPSC Exam Point of View.

The Hindu Important Articles 11.09.2018 : Below are all the important articles for UPSC Exam point of view.

1. Delhi people are about to get Home delivery for Government Services :

This ambitious project launched on Monday i.e Yesterday on 10.09.2018 by Delhi Government and became India’s First State or Territory who launched doorstep delivery of Gov. Services.

On this Initial Stages, They are providing 40 Gov. Services as doorstep delivery and will charge about 50 Rs. for the Service. For this you have to call 1076 and basically the person who will come to your home to give you a home delivery will be called as ‘Mobile Sahayak’.

And one thing also came up as per Delhi Gov. Report is, When this service launched on yesterday, around 21,000 calls came up for the services till 6 P.M.

Delhi Gov. also says, Within three months they will add-on 100 more services.

The Hindu Important Articles
Doorstep Delivery of Government Services.
2. Red notice is given to the Nirav Modi’s Sister by Interpol :

Interpol is International Criminal Organisation which hacks and investigate in International Crimes. Interpol has total 8 Notices and Red Notice is one of them. So, what you have to know from this article is, What is Interpol and Types of Notices they issued for exam point of view.

So, basically this news say Interpol filed a Red Notice against the Nirav Modi’s Sister.

According to article what is used to do is, She involved in Money laundering process with the various fake companies she registered. And the companies involved in this process  are called as ‘Shell Companies’.

The Hindu important Articles
Red Notice against Nirav’s Sister

Types of Interpol Notices :

1. Red Notice 2. Yellow Notice 3. Blue Notice 4. Black Notice 5. Green Notice 6. Orange Notice 7. Interpol UN Security Council Special Notice 8. Purple Notice.

3. In last five years No patients were admitted in 40 Rajasthan Ayurvedic Hospitals :

Comptroller and Auditor General Report came up and according to that Rajasthan has around 40 Ayurveda hospital where no patient admitted in 5 years.

The Hindu important Articles
No Patient in 5 years
4. 17 digital dispensaries will be installed in Ganjam district of Odisha :

In a district of Ganjam in Odisha Government is planning to set up 17 Digital Dispensaries. It will help the Pharmacist in rural areas to give online video consultation with doctors.

The Hindu Important Articles
17 Digital Dispensaries in Ganjam
5. Center is sending teams to Karnataka flooded areas :

Meeting between Prime Minister and Karnataka Chief Minister and C.M. urged Prime Minister to announce 2000 crore rupees for Rehabilitation and Rebuilding Infrastructure.

The Hindu important Articles.
Center to send Teams.
6. Visually challenged Chess player won Silver Medal in IBCA :

Soundarya Kumar Pradhan is a 20-year-old boy who won a silver medal at 10th IBCA World Individual Junior Chess Championship which held in Poland. He has a disease called ‘Leber Congenitial Amaurosis’.

The Hindu important Articles
Visually Challenged Chess player won Silver medal
7. VAT cut on fuel by 2 Rs per liter by Andhra Government :

Andhra Pradesh Gov. decided to decrease VAT from Rs. 4 to Rs. 2 because of increasing fuel prices.

The Hindu important Articles.
VAT Cut by 2 Rs.
8. Tejas Successfully clears the mid-air refueling trial :

Tejas is a Light Combat Aircraft which is indigenously developed i.e. Made in India. Successfully Test the Mid-air refueling. Managing Director and Chairmen of HAL (Hindustan Aeronautical Limited) is R. Madhavan.

The Hindu Important Articles
Mid-air refiling trial.
9. Viral Disease which has no cure stalks cattle in State Karnataka :

Malignant Catarrhal Fever (MCF) found in cattle’s of Tumakuru District of Kerala which is infectious viral disease. It has an Origin of South Africa.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Viral disease in karnataka cattle’s.
10. Three projects was inaugurated between India and Bangladesh :

1. 500 MW additional Power Supply from India to Bangladesh.

2. Akhaura – Agartala rail link launch.

3. Rehabilitation of Kulaura Shahabazpur section of Bangladesh Railways.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Projects between India and Bangladesh.
11. First Military Exercise begins by BIMSTEC in Pune :

BIMSTEC was set up in 1997 and now its military exercise begins in Pune.

the Hindu important Articles.
Military Exercise begins in pune.
12. Maneka sees animals in wrong role – Casting Capers :

Union Women and Child development minister Maneka Gandhi said “There is lack of rules and regulation in animal welfare board of India” and Introduces some new rules.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Maneka sees Animals in wrong roles.
13. World Hindu meeting held in Chicago :

World Hindu Congress was organised in Chicago by Sangh.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Chicago Hindu Meet.
14. Air Cargo Service by Spicejet :

Also first Freighter Aircraft introduced by Spicejet and this service will be called as SpiceXpress.

The Hindu important Articles.
Air Cargo Services in SpiceJet.
15. Huge assembly yields by Swedish Election :
The Hindu Important Articles.
Swedish Election yields a huge assembly.
16. EI Nino event this year said by UN :

UN said on this Monday that El-Nino would be held on this year.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Chance of EI-Nino event this year.
17. 20th edition of the international Dieppe kite festival held in France :
The Hindu important Articles.
International Dieppe Kite Festival in France.
18. Posthumous Emmy’s awarded  to Chef Bourdain :

Chef Anthony Bourdain earned the Emmy Award for CNN food and travel show but at the moment he is no more as he committed Suicide in June at 61 of age.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Bourdain wins Posthumous Emmys

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