How To Handle Current Affairs In UPSC Exam – Detailed Analysis Tips

Current affairs is the most dynamic subject of UPSC syllabus. Do you also agree with this point? You need sound knowledge about civil service current affairs. Every IAS aspirant must consider it as the most important aspect of exam preparation. How do you exactly deal with such a vast subject? Is there any specific tips and strategy? Definitely Yes! We have it for you in this blog post. You just have to practice them consistently. All the students face this confusion during the UPSC exam preparation. Now, it’s your turn to get it cleared.

Never Neglect Reading the Newspaper :

Just understand the fact that reading newspaper on a daily basis is the first step. Do not get carried away by wrong instructions from anyone around you. Fix a particular time period for reading the newspaper every day. The Hindu is the highly recommended newspaper for UPSC. You can exclusively dedicate 2 hours for the same. Adopt this habit from day one. When you read the newspaper for prelims, you are also preparing for mains simultaneously. Here is the trick. Hope you got it! Your content retention ability increases and can easily answer the mains questions too.

Learn How To Read Newspapers Properly :

Most of the coaching institute might offer the daily current affairs pdf. It is not enough for a serious aspirant. Keep them for revision purpose. When you read the newspaper, identify which piece of information is significant. The rest is just a supporting subject. Retain only what is required. It is a kind of leisure activity. Do not consider this as an exercise, unlike other subjects. You will learn how to read only when you have an idea about the questions asked in previous year papers. Just reading the newspaper without any aim is of no use!

Add Current Affair Magazines To Your Preparation :

There are many reputed IAS coaching institutes offering the monthly current affair magazines. Pick one and enhance your preparation level. As a result, you can also check for any missed out topic from newspapers. Such magazines greatly help you to grab the context of important news articles. If you have a good magazine in hand, there is no need to make UPSC current affairs notes. They will do it for you! If you still need notes, you can prepare a list of important schemes.

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Attend Daily Mock Tests or Quizzes :

You can enroll for some reputed online current affair tests. Schedule it for evening times. You would have got stressed out after a long study period. Relax by attending the quizzes. It surely helps you to recall all the topics you studied in a day. Don’t you think it is a kind of revision? When aspirants take up tests regularly, they intend to forget less and retain more. Get subscribed to the good set of online test series from reputed coaching institutes too. Even they form a great source of learning.

Are you watching the news?

It is okay if you are not regular at this point. But, you can make up time for watching the news on most of the preparation days. Pick a news channel that presents unbiased content. It is also a kind of revision practice you can have. There will be a debate based program on tv news channel. You will understand more concepts in very less time. Watch them while you have dinner. It is a great way to save time. How to prepare current affairs for UPSC? Hope you got a satisfactory answer to this question! Lastly, do not opt for group studies when it comes to current affairs. It is just to avoid the mismatch and difference of opinions. Follow this R-Formula when you cover the current affair topics for UPSC. It is READ, REVISE, and REPEAT.

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