Why should I prepare UPSC Exam or Civil Service Exam or IAS Exam?

Hello Guys,  What do you think, Why only few of us get successful in Civil Service Exam or UPSC exam? Do yo ever think, Why should we prepare for IAS exam?

So, lets see why only few students are able to crack this exam.

UPSC exam? Because, Family & society Pressure, Power, Money??

Civil Servive Exam
Civil Service Exam.

Is this all you thinking?

Then don’t, Please don’t.

You know, at least one time in a lifetime one thought may arise in many of the students mind is, “Should I prepare for the IAS exam?” and many of the students came into peer pressure of parents and society and make a decision.

And what will be that decision ?

Yes exactly! i.e “Yes, I am going to prepare for Civil Service Exam.”

But do yo ever think, what will be its pros & cons you have to face while preparing this exam?

Students waste 5-5 years of their life for the preparation of this exam and go to the depression.


Because most of the students don’t have any reason, don’t have any motivation which inspire them to prepare for this exam.

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Do you think about it?

IAS exam

You too ever think, Why should you prepare for civil service exam or any exam which you are preparing?

Is any voice came from deep down of you heart that “I have to do it at any cost.”

And if not then you don’t have any reason, you don’t have any motivation. And accept that you have interest in something else but you don’t wanna accept it because of some reasons.

But trust me if you concentrate on your interests or say passion and work on them you will be more successful than ever.

Now, when you study the mind setup of most of the students then you will find 50% of UPSC aspirants start preparing civil service exam because their parents want to or to have a respectful name in the society and many aspirants start preparing because they won’t get a suitable job and thought themselves “what will my relatives think, and what about society? what they gonna say and how I am gonna face them?” and all.

And some people start preparing because they think “There is a lot of money and power in this Service.”

So, guys let me tell you these are not any reasons to start preparing for this exam. And if you are starting because of these reasons then I will suggest you don’t. Please don’t.

Because not only you are going to waste your time but you are lying to yourself.

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IAS Exam is not the only Option

UPSC exam


Seriously, if your intension is only to make money and gain power then there are a lot of ways in market. Try those out.! You just have to think a little and have to try consistently with determination, you will get a lot of options. This will be a waste of time if you waste your energy here. Just study the market, you will get lots of ideas.

Market is the ocean of business ideas. And you will earn that much money which you won’t going to earn in civil service.

Let me tell you one story,

Two friends were studying engineering together in one of the regional college and both were the average students. Now they have completed engineering with near about same average percentage.

And now both were thinking to search a job and started to give interviews but won’t get selected anywhere.

But both friends have different mind setup, both have a different way of thinking.

One friend get into depression and was thinking, “4 year of engineering are totally wasted and now whatever job I will get I am gonna do it.” And that friend started working for marketing company on the pay scale of 10k per month.

And this another person take this situation positively and started thinking over it. And he came with many ideas which he learnt from his past experience. Like he used to face many problems when he was in the college hostel during his engineering. Like he had to go 2 km to get his stuff everyday. So now he started think to get its solution and came up with one idea and he created one e-commerce website and started to provide daily need stuffs to hostel students.

I mean to say he started one small-scale company and when time goes his company grows and become a million dollar company.

i.e I mean to say you have a lot of ways to earn, you just have to look around.

So, If your dreams are different and you started preparing for civil service exam because of your parents and societies peer pressure then you are wasting your time.

So, please don’t waste your precious time and explain it to your parents. They will understand and don’t think much about society.

And just follow your passion.

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Real Question – Why should I prepare for UPSC Exam or Civil Service Exam?

IAS exam - Civil service exam

Now, If we talk about ,”Why should we prepare for Civil Service Exam or UPSC Exam then let me ask you some questions first.

If you are from Mumbai then, do you ever go to Dharavi slum area of Mumbai and if you are from some other city, Do you ever go to slum area of your city? Do you ever think, how these guys are living their life? Do you ever imagine yourself living their life, feeling their emotions?

Why these people’s are this much socially down? And these are the real problems of India and if you feel there feelings, then you are on the right track.

Whenever I used to travel, I saw many of the senior citizens are working on the street because they don’t have money to buy their food. I saw 5-year-old child polishing boots of people on station for some bucks.

Imagine, What if your grandparents are working on streets? Imagine, What if you had to polish the boots on station in that little age? Then, do you think you survived in that situation.

Now tell me, What is the value of 500 Rs to you? Never think about it. right? Just go to Domino’s, buy one pizza with coke and give them 500 Rs. This is the value of 500 Rs. for us. Right?

Now, Walk to those remote areas of India where you won’t get any transport system and in that situation an old lady of 70 age walk 10 km straight to bank to get her monthly pension of 500 Rs. Ask her the value of 500 Rs.

So, These are the major basic problems in India. And you will solve them when you feel them,”When you walk on their path”.

You will get unexplainable kick when you solve their problems, when you see a smile on their face.

And that time this civil service exam worth for it.

UPSC exam will give you that platform by which you can touch the thousands of heart.

And that time this exam will worth it.


So if you really want to help those people who are struggling with their life, then this job is worth it.

Because ultimately you are working for your happiness which is hidden in the happiness of those people.

So, If you are preparing with this genuine intension, then no one is going to stop you.

So, be loyal to yourself and go for it.

Because, this is what this job wants from you.

So, stay focused and stay motivated and go for it.

“We always wish for you Success.”

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