How to read NCERT books for UPSC Civil Service Exam?

We gonna discuss about, How to read NCERT books for UPSC Civil Service Exam? But before jump onto this question you should first understand, Why you must read NCERT books for Civil Service Exam?

Why should read NCERT books for UPSC Civil Service Exam?

So first lets see, Why you should go through NCERT books.

What is NCERT? It is National Council of Educational Research and Training which is established in 1st September 1961. Which has headquarter in New Delhi. So, understand the meaning of NCERT, they mention in there ‘Research And Training’ which means these books are developed after research on education and handover to the students to give them training.

So, the main point here is ‘These books mainly focus on Research and Training on education.’

That is the reason you will see lots of names on the first page of any NCERT book. That is, these books are not written by any single person. Multiple persons do research on the topic and then an article will get include in these books. Which is a good thing, because ‘if a single person write a book then you will get only single view in the book but if multiple person write an articles in the book then you will get multiple views.’ Which is a good thing.

And also one good thing about these books is, these are authorised documents/books by government of India. And you guys are preparing for gov exam. So, this book is perfect for your preparation.

And if you are preparing for government exam then you should refer government authorised books. Because many question directly asked from these books.

Also these books are running from long time i.e since 1 Sep 1961. So, you can trust them.

Its objective is to promot and conduct educational research and experimentation of innovative ideas and practices.

Also NCERT assists and advises the central and state government on academic matters related to school education.

Other things which proves that NCERT is good books and you should read it for your preparation are –

1) These are school level books and language used in it is very simple. You can easily connect youself when you start reading it.

2) They provide authentic information which is generally well researched.

3) And generally static questions covered in exam is covered from these books.

static information : Fixed information

4) Now, the main good thing about these books is, these books are easily available online and are free. So, whenever government set the question paper they will set it from the documents/resources which are easily available and assessable for the students and not from those resources which is costly and not accessable for every students.

Download – NCERT books for free.

New NCERTs or Old NCERTs?

Now the question is, Which one we should read? New NCERTs or Old NCERTs?

And my suggestion will be for you is, “Go through the new NCERTs.”

Because at present date if question asked in paper then it will be from new NCERTs. And it is because, new NCERTs are easily available to the students and old one is not easily availble.

And I already told you government set papers from those resources which are easily availble to the students.

Also one main thing is, you will get updated information in new NCERTs.

Which NCERT books I should read for Civil Service Exam?

So, here keep in mind that you have to read NCERT books from class 6 to 12 first and then go for the standerd books. Because these NCERT books are like A,B,C,D… for you i.e. these books provide a proper base to you while preparing for this exam.

So, with a general studies point of view which includes 1) History 2) Polity 3) Economy 4) Geography 5) Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Including all you have to complete all about 40-45 books.

Read this : Book list to refer while preparing for UPSC Civil Service Exam.

How to read the NCERT text books?

So, here is the main actual question. How to read the NCERT book?

There are two basic and interesting ways with which you won’t get bored and you will link up the concepts are –

Subject-wise reading :

Start reading NCERTs in a subject-wise manner. Keep all the history books from 6th to 12th aside and read it all from class 6th then 7th and so on till 12th. Then same with the all other subjects. In my opinion this is the easiest way to read the NCERT books. Because you will be able to co-relate things in proper way and able to link pattern.

Class-wise reading :

This is the second way to read the NCERT books. This is also a good way. So, what you have to do here is keep all books of class 6th aside then 7th then 8th and so on.. And start reading all books of class 6th first and finish them. And then all books of class 7th and so on. But I will recommend you to go with the first way. Because this is the best way to co-relate the things and link the pattern in the subject.

So, now what you have to do here is, Before reading the chapters in the subject just go through the questions at the end of chapter. Because if you go through the questions then you will be able to focus on the main points in the chapter. As you already know it because you already go through the questions.

So, while reading the chapter you know the questions in background. So it will be easy for you to concentrate. First questions then go through the chapter.

Things to Remember while Reading NCERT :

1) Make a list of all the books that you have to read.

2) First read questions then go through the chapter.

3) At first time read all the NCERTs and while on 2nd or 3rd reading take out the notes from them. Because this will make your revision easier. But While making notes use kewords only.

4) Read the NCERT books before jumping onto the advanced books. As I already told you NCERT will make your basic strong but for detail analysis of the subject, you need to go through the advanced books. So if you have good knowledge of NCERT then you can easily go through the standerd books. So, your focus should be on NCERT first then on the advanced books.

5) All keywords in the books must be noted.

6) Revise from the NCERT books 2-3 times before the exam. But it will be easy only if you make notes from them.

7) Have a time schedule to finish your NCERT reading and stick to it. Two and a half month is considered to be standerd duration to complete NCERT.

So this is all about NCERT books. If you go through the plan and proper schedule then it will be easy for you to complete all the syllabus within the time.

So, stay focused, stay motivated, keep smiling, keep sharing and have fun.

Best of Luck!

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