The Hindu 12.09.2018 Important Articles for UPSC Civil Service Exam.

The Hindu 12.09.2018 Important Articles : Below are all the important articles from 12.09.2018 The Hindu Newspapers.

1. Small loans wold be a problem for Indian Economy – Rajan :

Honorable former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan who is currently the Chairmen of the Parliament Estimates Committee said, ‘Small Loans like MUDRA could be a big problem in near future for Indian Economy as loans are not recovering and would be a Non Performing Assets (NPA)’.

And as per report, a large amount of loan disbursed under this scheme which is 6.37 Lack Crore Rupees.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Small Loans are not good for Indian Economy.
2. Shankar’s German Instrument which is Piano is acquired by NFAI :

Article says German Instrument owned by Music Composer Shankar-Jaikishan is acquired by NFAI (National Film Archive of India). So, What you have to know here, Exam point of view is about NFAI.

NFAI was established in 1964 under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It’s headquarter is in Pune, Maharashtra. And It has over 10,000 films, 10,000 books, over 10,000 film scripts, and over 50,000 Photographs. Currently the Director is Prakash Magdum.

And Three principal objective of NFAI are –

1. To trace, acquire and preserve for posterity the heritage of Indian Cinema.

2. To classify, document data and undertake research relating to films.

3. To act as a center of the dissemination of film culture.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Shankar’s Piano New Home.
3. Tax on fuel reduced by 1 Rs. by Bengal Government :

Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee announced that tax on fuel prices reduced by 1 Rs.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Fuel tax reduced by 1 Rs.
4. Salakatla Brahmotsavam in Tirumala :

Nine Days of Annual Function is Scheduled from Tuesday which is Salakatla Brahmotsavam in Lord Venkateswara Temple which is in Tirumala.

The Hindu Important Articles.
All set for Tirupati Brahmotsavam.
5. Because of Fever 36 People died in 15 days in U.P. Health Officials Suspended :

36 people died in 15 Days due to fever in Bareilly which is in U.P. Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh suspended District Health Officials.

Till now the reason for death is not mentioned.

The Hindu Important Articles.
36 people died of fever in U.P.
6. Nizam Museum case solved; Two The Theft are in custody :

Golden Tiffin box was stolen from Nizam Museum. And What you have to focus in this news is –

Where is Nizam Museum? – Hyderabad. This is a Golden Tiffin and One foot High and it’s market value is around 100 crore rupees.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Two held in Nizam Museum case.
7. Alien Fish Species in Kerala  due to flood :

Around 11 unknown i.e alien fish species spotted in Kerala. Also 4 invasion species spotted. i.e kind of living organism – An Amphibian, Plant, Insects, Fish, Fungus etc. which is not native to ecosystem and causes harm. ‘Red Bellied Pacu’ is one of the alien fish species.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Alien Fish Species in Kerala.
8. India-Nepal Bus Service inaugurated by Nitish Kumar :

Bus Service start between India and Nepal which will connect Bodhgaya and Kathmandu and Patana and Janakpur.

The Hindu Important Articles.
India-Nepal Bus Service.
9. Water Aerodrome project in Chilika Lake dropped by AAI. :

Water Aerodrome : We can call it as a Water Airplane. It don’t have any runway. It simply land on water. If I can simply explain you is – Cartoon Ballu, if you saw in your childhood on Disney Channel where Ballu fly that plane is called as Water Aerodrome.

So, Whats in news is, The first Water Aerodrome project was supposed to be in Chilika Lake in India. But Airport Authority of India (AAI) dropped this proposed project.

Also things you should know from this news is –

Chilika Lake is worlds 2nd largest Brackish water lake and 1st in India. And 1st worlds largest Brackish Water Lake is Caspian Sea located between Europe and Asia.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Chilika Lake Water aerodrome project dropped.
10. Missile Tracking Ship which is India’s First Ship is ready for sea trial :

HSL (Hindustan Shipyard Limited) is developing this particular Ship. And Projected costing for this Ship is about 750 Crore Rupees. And as per report will be delivered to Indian Navy at the end of this Year.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Missile Tracking Ship ready for trial.
11. BIMSTEC embarrassment for India :

Currently Military Exercise which is MILEX 18 Exercise is running in Aundh Military Station, Pune, Maharashtra. from 10 September to 16 September.

And Why this News? As some participants are not present in exercise and due to this India is facing some embarrassment.

The Hindu important Articles.
BIMSTEC in India.
12. ICC officials threatens by U.S. :

International Criminal Court (ICC) was established in 2002. and Headquarter in Hague, Netherlands. Which investigate and prosecute the world’s worst crimes. But this body don’t have any power to arrest anyone.

So, Basically ICC was investigating the American Officials serving in Afghanistan and charged them for War Crimes.

So, U.S. is trying to say, If ICC will charge American Officials for War Crimes then U.S.will impose Economic and Financial sanctions and criminal charges on ICC.

The Hindu Important Articles.
U.S. Threatens sanctions on ICC.
13. “Another Meeting?” Kim asks Trump. :

For the discussion of denuclearization Kim invites Trump for another meeting.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Kim asks Trump for another Meeting.
14. 1.5 Million Americans Shifted :

A major Hurricane seen in 3 decades in Carolina. So, U.S. Government shifted 1.5 million Americans from North Carolina and South Carolina to temporary base.

The Hindu Important Articles.
1.5 Million Americans Evacuate.
15. Putin and Xi think big on lifting Russia’s ‘Far East’. :

Vostok –  2018 joint military exercise between Russia and China. And around 3,00,000 troops will be present there.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Xi, Putin Think big on lifting Russia’s ‘Far East’.
16. Bankruptcy Court will be a Final Option – Rajan :

Raghuram Rajan suggested to clear Non Performing Assets in Bankruptcy Court. Also it will decides the matters in loans.

The Hindu
Final Option is Bankruptcy Court.
17. Five more cities with Neighborly App :

Neighborly App is an initiative of Google. Introduced in Five more cities of India after Mumbai and Jaipur which are Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Mysore, Vizag and Kota.

The Hindu Important Article.
Neighborly App.
18. Boxing Federation of India Nominated Panghal for Arjun Award :

Boxing Federation of India nominated Asian Gold Medalist Boxer Amit Panghal for Arjuna Award.

The Hindu
Nominated for Arjuna Award.

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