The Hindu Important Articles 10.09.2018 for UPSC Exam.

The Hindu Important Articles for UPSC Exam :  Below are the important Articles from The Hindu 10.09.2018 for UPSC Exam.

1. Tamil Nadu Cabinet Suggested the State Governor to release all seven Rajiv Gandhi case convicts :

This news is not directly important for our exam point of view but you should know some important points from this article. So, we will discuss those here.

This news is related to Rajiv Gandhi assassination which was on 21 May 1991. So, last week Supreme Court gave a decision that T.N. Governor has a total authority to decide whether they release those accused or not. i.e S.C. give this responsibility to T.N. Governor.

So, here what you should know is ‘Under Article 161 of the constitution T.N. Cabinet suggested the State Governor to release all seven Convicts.’

i.e Article 161 of the constitution says, Governor of the any state has the power to pardon the punishment of any prisoner. Also our honorable President has the same power Under Article 72.

The Hindu important Articles.
T.N. Cabinet Suggested to release all seven Rajiv Gandhi Case convicts
2. U.P. Prisoners will get LED TVs in Jail :

U.P. Government says, Basically 900 LED TVs will be install in Jail with a budget of 3.5 crore.

The Hindu Important Articles.
U.P. Prisoner can now escape from boredom with LED TVs.
3. Launch of Home Delivery of Public Services in New Delhi :

Basically this is not a new article. This is an advertisement in Newspaper. But you should know about it as it is a little important in exam point of view.

So, basically New Delhi Government decided to give a Home Delivery for Public Services. which included about 40 services which are given down below.

So, You should know that this will be a First State or you can say territory who launch the Home Delivery for Public Services.

Home Delivery of Public Services in New Delhi.
Home Delivery of Public Services in New Delhi.
4. Heritage Tag is given to the 2 Irrigation Facilities in Telangana :

A meeting held in International Executive Council which is the highest decision making body of International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) which has a headquarter in Canada.

So, They decided to give a Heritage Tag to two irrigation Projects in Telangana which are –

1. Sadarmat Anicut across Godavari River in Nirmal District which was built by Nawab-Ik-Bal-Ud-Dowla in 1891-92  and

2. Pedda Cheruvu in Kamareddy District which was built in 1897 under the rule of Mir Mahboob Ali Khan who was sixth Nijam of Hydrabad.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Heritage Tag is given to the two Irrigation Facilities in Telangana.
5. Near Kakinada Endangered ‘pondicherry Shark’ found :

East Godavari Riverine Estuarine Ecosystem (EGREE) foundation spotted endangered ‘Pondicherry Shark’. It is locally called as ‘Pala Sora’ and it’s Scientific name is Carcharhininus hemiodon which belongs to Carcharhini dae family.

The Hindu important Articles
Pondicherry Shark Spotted
6. Prime Minister will inaugurate Sardar Patel’s Statue on 31st October :

Honorable Prime Minister of India will inaugurate Sardar Patel’s Statue in Gujurat. Height of the statue will be 182 m. And as per the report of Gujurat Gov. ‘It will be a worlds tallest Statue’.

The Hindu important Articles.
Sardar Patel’s Statue Inauguration
7. Give Tribal Status to Hatti Community :

Tribal Status should be accord to Hatti Community said by Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Takur to Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

The Hindu
Tribal Status to Hatti Community.
8. IAF prepares to induct Rafale Jets :

Indian Air Force Pilots are going for training to France where Rafel Jet Deal will conduct. Manufacturer of Rafale are Dassault Aviation.

The Hindu
IAF Prepares to induct Rafale Jets.
9. Pakistan’s 13th President :

Arif Alvi sworn in as Pakistan’s 13th President.

The Hindu Important Articles.
Pakistan’s 13th President
10. North Korea’s Parade toward peace :

70th Anniversary for the founding of North Korea Country. And Theme for this was ‘Economic Development and Unifying the Korean Peninsula’.

The Hindu Important Articles.
North Korea and Peace

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