The Hindu Important News Articles from 02 October 2018 Newspaper.

The Hindu Important News Articles : Those who are preparing for UPSC Civil Service Exam knows the importance The Hindu Newspaper Reading. Below are the Important News Articles from The Hindu 02 October 2018.

1. Government puts Uday Kotak in charge to stem IL and FS crisis (Page 1)

2. Create an equal, free society : Justice Gogoi (Page 1)

3. Gir  sees 21 lion deaths in 19 days. (Page 1)

4. Finance Commission Chief Officers Bihar some home (Page 2)

5. ‘Need for a national drug policy to fight menace’ (Page 2)

6. Odisha starts its own food scheme. (Page 3)

7. Plastic ban in 6 Odisha cities from today. (Page 8)

8. Center initiates probe into type 2 polio virus contamination (Page 9)

9. Concern over India’s low ‘air safety oversight score’ (Page 9)

10. Our Judiciary the most robust : CJI (Page 12)

11. Verdict on quota vague : Paswan (Page 12)

12. A beleaguered behemoth and its 169 units (Page 13)

13. India backs direct talks with Taliban (Page 13)

14. Leaders will have to pay for damage by cadre : Supreme Court (Page 13)

15. U.S.-Japanese pair win Nobel Medicine Prize (Page 14)

16. U.S., Canada agree on free trade pact (Page 14)

17. Xi JinPing reachs out to new Maldives leadership (Page 14)

18. India wants trade deal to keep me happy : Trump (Page 14)

19. Further defaults will not take place : Government (Page 15)

20. GST collection rises marginally in September (Page 15)

21. Car sales slides on rising fuel prices (Page 16)

22. ‘Loan write-offs not same as waivers’ (Page 16)

23. Manufacturing PMI Rises to 52.2 in September (Page 16)

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