The Hindu Newspaper 13 March 2019 Important News Articles.

The Hindu Newspaper Important News Articles : Current Affairs are considered to be Very Important for any Gov. Exam. Below are the Important News Articles from 13 March 2019 The Hindu Newspaper.

1. No names removed based on draft NRC : Election Commission (Page 1)

2. DGCA bars Boeing 737 MAX 8 after Global alarm (Page 1)

3. We cannot kill jobs in cracker industry : Supreme Court (Page 1)

4. Citizens protest against threat to use Official Secrets Act (Page 5)

5. Two held for cheating Yash Raj Films, costume supplies (Page 7)

6. ’10 % quota a step towards casteless society’ (Page 7)

7. D-day for Azhar’s UNSC listing : all eyes on China (Page 10)

8. Don’t help the Maduro regime : US (Page 10)

9. ED says Nirav Modi owns jewellery store chain in US (Page 10)

10. UK yet to act on our requests for attachment of assets : ED (Page 10)

11. ‘We are taking every step to prevent abuse, spread of misinformation’ (Page 11)

12. Supreme Court questions government on tracking assets (Page 11)

13. Pak. assured US that it will deal ‘firmly’ with terrorist : Bolton (Page 12)

14. Pak. Army eyes key role in developing giant copper and gold mine (Page 12)

15. IIP growth slows to 1.7%, retail inflation rises to 2.75% (Page 13)

16. Capitalism under attack from left and right : Rajan (Page 13)

17. India’s newest frog evolved 60 million years ago (Page 18)

18. Biodiversity-rich zones also ‘hotspots’ of human impacts (Page 18)

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