The Hindu Newspaper 13 October 2018 Important News Articles.

The Hindu Newspaper Important News Articles : Below are the Important News Articles from The Hindu Newspaper 13 October 2018.

1. Panel to study issues raised by #MeTooIndia (Page 1) Read More..

2. Inflation up, industrial output slows (Page 1) Read More..

3. Dassault on track, says CEO (Page 8) Read More..

4. Had no idea of Dassault choice : Minister (Page 8) Read More..

5. Is stopping Intruders a violation : Rajnath (Page 8) Read More..

6. Supreme Court must set example on backlog, says R.M. Lodha (Page 9) Read More..

7. Overhaul GDP norms : MPs (Page 9) Read More..

8. Swaraj flags Global terror threat (Page 9) Read More..

9. Mission to sequence genes of a ‘large group’ of Indians (Page 9) Read More..

10. PM to pay ‘working visit’ to Japan (Page 9) Read More..

11. Erdogan cannot afford a tussle with Riyadh now (Page 10) Read More..

12. Factory growth slows to 10 month low (Page 11) Read More..

13. Sensex, rupee gain as oil weakens to $80 a barrel (Page 11) Read More..

14. IL&FS board appoints nominees to key arms (Page 11) Read More..

15. Tide turning for banks under PCA Framework : Viral Acharya (Page 12) Read More..

16. C-section use doubled in India between 2005 and 2015 Lancet (Page 18) Read More..

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