The Hindu Newspaper 14 October 2018 Important News Articles.

Important News Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : Most of the news today are repeated and not important in exam point of view. Still some of the Important News Article from The Hindu Newspaper 14 October 2018 are given below.

Section I

1. It’s a foggy autumn as farmers start burning stubble (Page 1) Read More..

2. Zika : Doctors advice caution this festive season (Page 2) Read More..

3. Cross-border row over killing a state animal (Page 6) Read More..

4. Uday Kotak and team in IL & FS rescue (Page 12) Read More..

5. The lowdown on bailout after default (Page 12) Read More..

6. Was debt pile-up overlooked? (Page 12) Read More..

7. Human-Leopard conflict in Himalaya (Page 14) Read More..

Section II

1. Pune Center to collect, study multidrug-resistance bugs (Page 1) Read More..

2. Citizens take a step back to save Bengaluru Lake (Page 1) Read More..

3. ‘U.S.-China trade row not a threat to world economy’ (Page 3) Read More..

4. What’s new in Ind As (Page 8) Read More..

5. ‘Structural reforms making India resilient to global shocks’ (Page 10) Read More..

6. ‘Cybersecurity is an arms race’ (Page 10) Read More..

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