The Hindu Newspaper 18 November 2018 Important News Articles.

Important News Articles from The Hindu Newspaper : Below are the Important News Articles from 18 November 2018 The Hindu Newspaper.

Section I

1. Ganga waterway project cleared after overruling expert panel (Page 1)

2. ‘Fear of probe led to curbs on CBI’ (Page 1)

3. ‘Center must reveal loan defaulters list’ (Page 1)

4. Project maps butterfly migration in South India (Page 8)

5. Jumbo care! India gets its first dedicated Elephant Hospital (Page 9)

6. ‘Withdrawal of Consent will impact future CBI action’ (Page 10)

7. Solih promises to reset ties (Page 10)

8. 74.1% voter turnout in J&K’s panchayat elections (Page 10)

9. ‘If you strengthen the CIC, you strengthen RTI’ (Page 10)

10. The lowdown on RBI board meeting (Page 12)

11. Is Maharashtra reeling under drought? (Page 12)

12. India’s oil sourcing networks (Page 12)

13. GROWTH-India telescope’s first science observation (Page 14)

14. For Delhi’s back kites, it’s a trade-off (Page 14)

Section II

15. Kerala flood opened the gates to invasive plants (Page 1)

16. Micro-plastics – a scourge stalks the sea (Page 2)

17. ‘Xi is likely to visit North Korea next year’ (Page 3)

18. U.S.-China discord dominates APEC meet (Page 3)

19. British austerity inflicting misery : U.N. poverty expert (Page 5)

20. Mid-cap meltdown (Page 8)

21. The mutual-fund route to mid-cap investing (Page 8)

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