The Hindu Newspaper 18 October 2018 Important News Articles.

The Hindu Newspaper Important News Articles : Below are the Important News Articles from 18 October 2018 The Hindu Newspaper.

1. Sabarimala temple reopens amidst protests, violence (Page 1) Read More..

2. Punjab government approves new sand, gravel mining policy (Page 2) Read More..

3. Bathukamma blooms at NSW Parliament (Page 3) Read More..

4. Supreme Court bars States from diverting money from CAMPA funds (Page 6) Read More..

5. Woman journalist come under attack (Page 7) Read More..

6. A dampener after a favorable order (Page 7) Read More..

7. GoM to look into cases of harassment (Page 10) Read More..

8. Andhra Pradesh hamlets shine in rural survey (Page 11) Read More..

9. India, China set to resume drill (Page 11) Read More..

10. ‘Rajasthan’s Zika strain close to Brazilian one’ (Page 11) Read More..

11. Khashoggi was tortured before being killed : report (Page 12) Read More..

12. Of 24 IPOs made this year, 17 trade below offer price (Page 13) Read More..

13. Equity benchmark snap winning streak (Page 13) Read More..

14. SEBI asks Fortis to get back 403 crore Rs. from 10 entities (Page 14) Read More..

15. Puerto Rico’s insects affected by climate change (Page 18) Read More..

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