The Hindu Newspaper 26 October 2018 Important News Articles.

The Hindu Newspaper Important News Articles : Below are the Important News Articles from 26 October 2018 The Hindu Newspaper.

1. Disqualification of Tamil Nadu MLAs upheld (Page 1)

2. 1,400 arrested for violence during Sabarimala protest (Page 1)

3. Crowdfunding is a tradition in tribal village (Page 1)

4. Aim and shoot for citizen-science repository in Indian mammals (Page 5)

5. J&K Governor to end health cover contract (Page 5)

6. India said to be third largest aviation market (Page 5)

7. Digital boards will change education, says Javadekar (Page 5)

8. Keep Pak. out of picture, Governor tells J&K parties (Page 8)

9. ‘Decisive government must be 10 years’ (Page 8)

10. Government review measures taken to curb fake news (Page 8)

11. Government notifies rules on granting citizenship (Page 8)

12. It’s over to the Supreme Court now (Page 13)

13. China-Japan to partner in building Asia Infrastructure (Page 14)

14. Abe’s visit won’t impact ties with Japan, Says New Delhi (Page 14)

15. North Korea wants U.S. to lift sanctions immediately (Page 14)

16. ‘India must create jobs in textiles, leather’ (Page 15)

17. ‘Telecom taxed on a par with tobacco’ (Page 15)

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