The Hindu Newspaper Important News Articles from 12 Feb 2019.

The Hindu Newspaper Imp News Articles : The Hindu is considered to be one of the best Newspaper for UPSC Civil Service Exam preparation. Below are the Important News Articles from 12 Feb 2019.

1. Ahead of poll, Tamil Nadu Government dishes out 2000 rupees to every BPL family (Page 1)

2. Naveen asks PM to make Kisan Scheme more inclusive (Page 2)

3. Rajasthan to scrap education criterion (Page 3)

4. Kargil shuts down over new division HQ in Leh (Page 6)

5. 60% children adopted in India between 2015 and 2018 are girls (Page 7)

6. How hobbs found a way to fight bad cholesterol (Page 7)

7. Nageswara Rao apologizes to Supreme Court (Page 10)

8. Bhupen’s Bharat Ratna tied to bill (Page 11)

9. New immigration checkpoint for Kartarpur Sahib corridor (Page 11)

10. Bill to counter exploitation by NRI spouses (Page 11)

11. H-1B holders from India rally for reform (Page 12)

12. Buy-backs gain speed amid volatile market (Page 13)

13. PM pitches for responsible oil pricing (Page 13)

14. SEBI proposes circuit filter for derivative stocks in cash segment (Page 13)

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