Women Empowerment Essay for Government Exams.

Women empowerment Essay : Women Empowerment refers the participation of women in all sector to build a strong society and bring gender equality to create an environment where women can make their own decisions for their personal benefits and for society. This is an important issue and most of the government exam usually asked to discuss on this topic or to write essay on this topic. So, Here are some of the essays on women empowerment.

Women Empowerment Essay in 100 words :

Men and Women are like two wheels of the vehicle if one will not run smoothly, then vehicle will collapse. In the same manner, if you want to develop your country then participation of both the genders is necessary. We live in a democratic country where each and every individual have a same fundamental rights given by the constitution of our country. Women Empowerment is necessary to develop in all aspects of mind to bring gender equality and to develop society and country. Women have right to take their own decisions for their personal as well as society benefits. Women Empowerment is essential for the bright future of our Family, Society and Country.

Women Empowerment Essay in 200 words :

As a citizen of this country, Our constitution gives us the right of equality. That is each and every citizen of this country is equal. That gives the right of gender equality to women.

Women has every right to take their own decision, to participate in the growth of Family, Society and Country. So, as the provision mentioned in our constitution, It is legal to grant equality to women in all fields like men.

Department of ‘Women and Child Development’ functions on Women Empowerment issues.

If you look into the Ancient History, Women were always get a respectable position in the society and that time our country was also empowered. But as the time changed, Women were discriminated in medieval society of India due to the old and mythological the rituals made by the Aryans to rule these peoples. And due to this growth of this country was also declined.

And still some of these mythological rituals follows in some part of the country. But if we want to grow this country, it is necessary to empower women in every field and sector. As women plays a major role in growth of the country.

Government of India started many such initiatives to bring women in mainstream development.

Women Empowerment Essay in 400 words :

Women Empowerment itself describe its meaning, which is equal rights in all sectors which are Social, Political, Economic, Judicial and all others. And which does not involve any kind of discrimination between men and women.

These are some of the rights every woman deserves –

1. Respect and dignity.

2. Total independence in home and outside of their own life.

3. Right to make their own decisions by themselves.

4. Social respect in society.

5. Should not be discriminated in any kind of education.

6. Right to choose own Economic and Financial Services.

7. No discrimination in any kind of Job and Employment.

8. With proper Privacy, Safe and Secured work location.

In seven decades of Independence, Women progress considerably. But still there are many handicaps and social evils present in this male dominant society which underestimate women’s. It is a kind of hurdle in the growth of this country.

So, If we really want to stand in the list of developed countries then we have to break these barriers and support each others. So, Women Empowerment is necessary for every developing country. That is, there should not be any kind of discrimination between men and women.

What is Women Empowerment?

Simple meaning for Women Empowerment is to grant a freedom to women to live their life on their own choices and decisions.

That is replacing Patriarchy with Parity.

Women Empowerment should be in below facets.

1. Human Right :

To make their own decisions to live on their own choices and to express them freely.

2. Social Rights :

Promote gender equality and should not have discrimination between men and women.

3. Educational Rights :

Empower women with knowledge, Self-confidence and necessary skills to participate in development process.

4. Economic and Occupational Rights :

Reduce their Financial dependence on others by educating them with necessary skills.

5. Political Rights :

Participation of women in political decision making process.

Challenges in Women Empowerment :

1. Society Perspective :

Discrimination against girl/woman starts from the birth itself. As the biased perception of our society prefer Boys over Girls.

2. Patriarchal Society :

Burden of Traditions, Culture and Honor on women’s shoulder is a main hurdle in the growth of women’s in the society.

3. Economic Dependence :

Majority of workplace discriminate the women’s. And if we look into the official data, 29% of workplace constitute woman. But share the majority work than men. So, More women should get a chance to work in workplaces to share in the economic development and become a financial independent woman.

So, This is about Women Empowerment and It’s Challenges.

Women Empowerment Essay in 800 words :

You can use some points from the above content like, What is Women Empowerment? Its challenges and all.

And now you can use the below points for further essay writing.

Women Empowerment : Detailed Overview

Women Empowerment is highly discussed issue all around the Globe now. As people are aware about this now, ‘If we don’t fill this gender gap between male and female, We never gonna grow and become a developed country.

We are living in a 21st century of Democratic Country in which constitution gives the every citizen of this country ‘a right of equality’. Still some patriotic evils of this country discriminate women’s and want them to beg for their own right. Why?

We know a house maker has a capability to be a corporate leader. Still we underestimate them. Why?

Why do women have a fight for their own rights?

If we check in depth reality of this issue, This topic requires much more attention than it is getting now.

Women Empowerment is not just topic to discuss. It is the topic which we should bring in practice. And that means, If you decided to empower women means you decided to empower Your Family, Your Nation.

So, In simple words, Women Empowerment means, To enable women’s to realize their full ability, identity and power in all sectors of life. And enables them to take their own decisions.

Characteristics of Women Empowerment :

1. Women should live their life with self respect and dignity.

2. Women should have equal rights in social and economic justice.

3. Women should have their own choices and decisions.

4. Women should get comfortable and working environment.

5. They should have equal rights to actively participate in Social, Religious and Public activities.

6. A girl should always believe, Who and What she wants.

Below are some Promotional Schemes for Women Empowerment :

1. Mahila Nidhi

2. Mahila Vikas Nidhi

3. Women cell

4. Women Industries Fund Scheme

5. Self Employed Women’s Association (SWEA)

6. Self Help Group (SHG’s)

7. Priyadarshani Yojna

8. Women India Trust (WIT)

9. District Industrial Center (DIC)

Conclusion :

If we want to grow our country and become a developed country. Then it is necessary to bring Women Empowerment in our society by breaking the barriers of ill practices in our patriarchal and male dominant system of the society.

So, This is a little bit information about Women Empowerment. You can pick some of the above points and write a Women Empowerment Essay.

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